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Macht Schnell OC3 Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulation Module - BMW

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For those running race seats, the Passenger Occupancy Sensor Mat (OC3) is now an integral part of the OEM seat leather and cannot be ordered separately - triggering a “Passenger Restraint Error” message that hijacks the iDrive/OBC, rendering it useless.

Macht Schnell has come up with a solution for those running fixed-back shells and want to retain their iDrive/OBC displays with an OC3 emulator module that easily ties into your BMWs wiring with no cutting or splicing needed and can be removed at any time. For those running race harnesses, the Macht Schnell OC3 module will properly emulate seatbelts in the fixed position - eliminating any errors caused to allow you to focus on on the track and win.

The Macht Schnell OC3 Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulation Module is possible of the following features:
- The ability to run racing seats with no system errors, allowing full integration

- Elimination of “Passenger Restraint Error” messages on both iDrive and OBC cluster displays while in use

- Proper emulation of passenger OC3 Seat Occupancy Sensor

- Optional emulation of seatbelt receptacles (fastened position for both driver & passenger) for those running race harnesses

- Allows the use of BMW Performance Seats, which are not compatible with US models

- Completely removable at any time

Note: The Macht Schnell OC3 Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulation Module will disable the passenger dash airbag to prevent unsafe deployment. For this reason, this module is not intended for street vehicles and can result in possible injury or death if proper restraint conditions are not followed. Not compatible with euro models.