Vorsteiner GTS-V Carbon Fiber Front Lip - E9X M3

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On the front end, an evolutionary resemblance can be drawn from the original Vorsteiner VRS front spoiler which was introduced in 2009; when the M3 was first available to the general public. The newly designed GTS-V front spoiler takes subtle design cues from the original VRS front spoiler and further enhances it with an extended lip profile which houses a functional built in front brake cooling ducts that makes a powerful statement below the intake belt line of the front bumper.

Thanks to a collaboration with veteran performance brake engineers that were specially brought into for the GTS-V development, the front brake inlets focus was pure form over function and was not intended as a mere design or fashion statement. This was all business. All factors were considered during the development phase including duct opening size, shape, angles and radiusing and how much cool air we could feed into the connecting plenum pipe where a carefully selected 3 inch heat resistant flex tube is used to direct this air with minimal travel and distractions to the back of the front rotors. To also save weight while doing all of this our engineers decided to replace the factory plastic underbelly panel with a new pre-preg carbon kevlar unit that was made as a single piece construction with the front spoiler to further aid airflow to the brakes.

Models Supported:

2008-2013 BMW E9X M3