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Project Mu Super Lock Nut7 Gunmetal 12x1.25 Lug Nuts

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The Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 features a unique heptagon shape that prevents theft even if a thief has a full set of socket wrenches. They won't have the unique 7 sided socket to fit! They also have a 60 degree conical seat to fit most aftermarket wheels.

These high strength lug nuts by project mu have a heptagonal shape to prevent easy removal with standard tools, giving you wheels that added protection. Made of Chromium-molybdenium steel.

Includes heptagon key and 20 lugnuts.


  • 7 sided heptagon lug nut for theft deterrence
  • Super forged steel (SCM435) for hardness and durability
  • Material: SCM435 Forged Steel
  • Weight: 42g
  • Size: 42mm x 20mm
  • Bottom Seat: 60degree tapered
  • Purpose: Street & Track
  • Warranty: Manufacturer