Perrin Lightweight Pulley Kit - 86

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Reducing the weight of rotating parts inside and outside an engine frees up horsepower that can now be sent to the wheels. With that in mind, the Lightweight Accessory Pulley Kit replaces the OEM alternator and water pump pulleys with lightweight high performance versions.


Made from lightweight 6061T6 billet aluminum that is CNC machined to precise tolerances and balance.

Combined OEM Pulley Weight - 1.420 lbs.

Combined PERRIN Pulley Weight - 0.836 lbs.

0.584 lbs. & 30% lighter!


Each PERRIN pulley is carefully manufactured and then anodized red or black. The super hard finish of the pulleys will ensure your engine bay will stay looking good for years to come. Choose from two finishes: anodized red or anodized black.


The installation of the Lightweight Accessory Pulley Kit is fairly simple and requires only basic hand tools.