Perrin Cam Solenoid Guards - 86

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The PERRIN Performance Cam Solenoid Guards serve both aesthetic and protection functions simultaneously. Cover up the unsightly and exposed AVCS solenoids within minutes--no special tools required. The covers come in black and red to match your other PERRIN parts. The anodized coating allows your parts to continue looking great after many miles of use.


The Solenoid Guards will help protect the fragile plastic AVCS solenoid connectors when working in your engine bay. During engine removals, it's common to bump the connectors causing them to become damaged and break off. At $100+ for each AVCS solenoid, the Solenoid Guards are a minimal investment to protect your car! Even one broken solenoid will put your car out of commission until a replacement is installed.


The PERRIN Performance Cam Solenoid Guards are constructed of CNC 6061-T6 aluminum with precision mounting holes to fit perfectly over your cam solenoids. The aluminum construction will resist corrosion in those areas where salt is used during the winter time.


Anodized for protection from the elements, the smooth finish will look awesome for years to come. The PERRIN Cam Solenoid Guards are available in black or red