Injen Stainless Steel Front Pipe - 86

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The Injen Frontpipe for the Scion FR-S provides a boost in performance by removing restrictions in the stock exhaust.

Although the stock frontpipe on the FRS and BRZ is great for, well, stock cars, it can hinder engine performance. Especially when you start upgrading intake and exhaust components, such as the Injen SES Catback. Adding a frontpipe to your FRS or BRZ can increase power and torque since you will have a larger diameter pipe for the exhaust to pass through with less restrictions. This frontpipe from Injen eliminates the 2nd catalytic convertor, and will increase performance, exhaust flow and noise. This Injen frontpipe will work with your stock exhaust-or most aftermarket parts (any aftermarket exhaust designed to work with stock pieces).

This Injen Frontpipe will NOT cause a C.E.L. (Check engine light). flanges are of thick, laser-cut stainless steel.

  • Reduce back pressure in your exhaust
  • 60mm piping allows max airflow for performance
  • Bolts on to Stock Exhaust
  • Bolts on to most aftermarket exhausts (any aftermarket exhaust designed to work with stock pieces)

Note: Please note this is not compatible with automatic transmission.