GenRight Full Roll Cage Kit - JK/JKU

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This all new Laser cut and Puzzled Roll Cage Kit (un-welded) from GenRight Off Road.

We use the latest Laser Cutting and CNC Tube Bending technology to build this cage from heavy duty 2" diameter DOM tubing and features solid 8-point mounting for maximum protection (unlike other cages on the market)

This is the best most protective, complete replacement, weld-in (not bolt in) cage available making it the safest cage on the market for a Jeep Wrangler JK.

All the tubes are cut to length and notched to fit together like a "puzzle." You just need a welder to put it all together.


  • Made from 2" diameter heavy duty x .120" wall D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) seamless tubing.
  • Laser Cut and notched CNC bent tubes, with additional Keying for fool-proof assembly and a precision fit
  • Solid 8-point mounting for maximum safety by adding an additional pillar behind rear seats to protect passengers 
  • Designed for maximum visibility with an ultra low profile dash bar
  • Only minor trimming of plastic dash end caps is needed and is not visible when cage is installed
  • Fits under factory hard or soft tops, soft top adapter kit is optional.
  • Can be used with hard (full or half) doors or soft doors.
  • Heavy duty cage to tub mounting brackets are laser cut and formed.
  • Includes bracket mounting kit to accept all the factory seat belts.
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware (Grade 8)
  • Includes very detailed step by step installation instructions.


    • This kit was designed to be used with all the options (X-bar and V-bar). We strongly urge you to install these bars for the cage to provide it's best protection.
    • This kit is sold un-welded, requiring welding by the end user in the vehicle.
    • This kit requires complete removal of the stock roll bar (and most of the interior for install).
    • After welding the cage, the cage can be removed for powder coating.
    • It is possible to re-fit most of the stock interior plastic (including the sound bar), but it will take some work to trim the plastic nicely.
    • Some trimming of the rear door panel (on factory hard doors) will be necessary to clear B-pillar tubes.
    • Adding a roll cage to a Jeep is not a guarantee of safety. However, this is a substantial upgrade from the factory cage.