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Clutch Masters FX350 Clutch Kit - E9X M3

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The Clutch Masters FX350 performance clutch for the E90/E92/E93 M3 uses their Formula clutch disc material that does not give up street use to get high clamping power and grip. Combined with their Hi-LeverageTM pressure plate the FX350 gives up to 110% more holding power. The FX350 is best for dedicated track cars, drift, and drag race cars that may still be used on the street. The easier engagement than Kevlar means this is the preferred clutch Kit for hard launches and drifts. Clutch Masters is the most advanced BMW clutch upgrade on the market - offering more clutch options and design innovation than any other brand. The disc is this Kit is rigid-hub and must be used with an aluminum or steel single-mass flywheel (not a stock-type dual-mass flywheel).

The pressure plate in the FX350 is the key to its impressive performance. Clutch Masters is the only US performance clutch brand to make their own pressure plates in-house (most other companies use a re-branded Sachs part). Not only does this let them control quality to a very high degree but they are able to design a new pressure plate from the ground up. Clutch Masters re-engineered pressure plate design to introduce their Hi-LeverageTM pressure plate with less pedal effort than other performance clutches. By moving the spring plate closer to the fulcrum point, less force is required to push on the diaphragm springs. Pressure plates are also over-built with extra retention straps and heavy-duty rivets - two of the common failure points on stock clutches.

The FX350 is best used on highly-tuned naturally aspirated E90/E92/E93 M3 models or with forced induction. The Formula friction material (also known as Fibertuff) is easier to drive than Kevlar but is not ideal for street use. For better street behavior use the FX200 or FX250 Kits (but give up some holding power to get easier use).