Brembo GT-R 4-Piston 345x28mm Front Big Brake Kit - 86

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The accumulated knowledge and experience through the years in engineering brake systems for race cars, leads Brembo's High Performance Division to launch the exclusive GT-R line. It is designed for the driver who demands only top notch performance on the street and track. They include 4 piston Monobloc calipers, two piece floating brake rotors, a selection of friction materials, and all the necessary hardware needed to seamlessly install the kit. The GT-R Calipers are machined entirely from billet to provide both the benefits and aesthetic appeal of a racing brake system. They feature more stiffness, lighter weight, and more thermo mechanical resistance that is critical in high performance applications. The two piece rotors reduce the unsprung weight while dissipating heat much more efficiently.

The calipers have a nickel finish that provides additional treatment against corrosion and ensures an attractive look. The pistons, complete with stainless steel inserts, provide an additional heat barrier that will virtually eliminate brake fade even during max-limit and on track driving. The calipers also have less brake fluid absorption and a stiffer pedal feel that delivers consistent clamping force to the rotors for the drivers who want to make the most of every second.


  • Brembo forged 1 piece monoblock 4 piston racing calipers with sequentially sized pistons with a lighter and slimmer profile than the Brembo GT calipers.
  • Brembo ventilated titanium piston inserts to form an additional heat barrier
  • Brembo two piece “floating” hat and rotor assemblies reduce unsprung weight and dissipate heat faster
  • Brembo slotted and directionally vented two piece rotors
  • DOT and TUV certified Goodridge stainless steel brake lines; guaranteed for life
  • Brembo high performance brake pads; 2 per caliper
  • Brembo “floating” anti-rattle rotor hardware developed by Brembo for the McLaren F1 road car
  • Brembo billet brackets with aircraft quality hardware