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BMW 0W30 carries a LL-01 FE approval and is API SN and ACEA A5/B5 rated for high fuel efficiency. BMW discontinued 5W30 in favor of 0W30 in Fall 2016 as part of an effort to reduce emissions on cold start-up and improve fuel economy. BMW now recommends 0W30 for all models that called for a LL-01 5W30.

BMW M TwinPower 0W40 carries a LL-01 approval and is ACEA A3/B4 rated. This is the new BMW-approved oil recommended for turbocharged M engines that require extra protection at elevated temperatures. This oil is better suited for M turbo engines than the 0W30 "Fuel Efficient" oil used in non-M cars.

Genuine BMW 10W60 M "TwinPower Turbo" synthetic engine oil is formulated exclusively for BMW M engines from 2001-2013 (including 3/2000+ M5). This is the newest BMW 10W60 oil, now produced by Shell, and replaces the previous Castrol TWS and Edge 10W60 engine oil. The new oil is offered in the same viscosity grade but with a slightly revised formula that meets API SN specs. The new formula has a new additive package that promotes greater fuel efficiency and less emissions, especially on cold start ups.