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3D Design Coilover Kit - F82 M4

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3D Design is notorious for their clean, but aggressive aerodynamic kits, however, their primary goal when founded in 1998 were high quality suspension solutions. Utilizing a single-cylinder inverted-type strut design, the 3D Design kit provides a high-degree of rigidity and sharp handling characteristics. All kits are height adjustable and feature a 20 stage adjustment. Adjustment is performed via click operation and can be performed with lifting the vehicle. All kits undergo road testing as well as circuit testing prior to market release.

  • Front spring rate ~ 336 lbs/inch
  • Rear spring rate ~ 448 lbs/inch

A suspension component, much like brakes, is a consumable item. Subsequently, inspection and diagnostic is recommended every 15000 miles of use or 2 years. 3D Design Japan offers a rebuild service on all suspension kits. This is a simple estimation and depends on the vehicle use. If you suspect diminished performed, please contact a 3D Design North America representative.